About the Company

Fast-Track provides businesses, government agencies, and law firms with corporate and individual intelligence reports, employment and professional background checks, pre-trial preparation work, and public records searches and document retrieval.

By combining investigative expertise with forensic analysis, Fast-Track promptly delivers vital intelligence reports used to detect fraud. It profiles employees, vendors, and competitors of its clients, giving them a distinctive edge on their adversaries. These specialized dossiers cover topics ranging from unscrupulous or incompetent professional services providers to Wall Street stock and investment fund manipulators.

Fast-Track specializes in providing public agencies with financial real estate equity analysis to curb fraud by deceitful individuals. It also uses its vast knowledge of the justice system to help attorneys win tough court cases by exposing weaknesses in their adversaries. And it aids businesses and individuals, including celebrities, by conducting specialized due diligence on corporations and unsavory people.

Fast-Track Information Services Inc.
PO Box 1973
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
Tel: 201-943-3981  |  201-886-0039  |  Fax: 201-943-3982
Email: fasttrackinfo@aol.com

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